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Music by Andy Sheafe & Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Mark Loquan
Arranged by Andy Sheafe, Jason Dasent
Sung by Sheldon Blackman
© January 1999 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released 1999 for Passion for Pan album
“The moment is bigger than all of us, recognizing that our talent and instrument is given to us, so use it to our fullest potential”

“Glory” was my first taste of composing and writing for Panorama. The song was co-composed with Andy Sheafe, with the lyrics written by myself. My musical signature in this song is the bridge. When I was writing the words, I was somehow imagining all the action going on when a winning band was performing on the Panorama stage.  The electrifying atmosphere and how contagious the whole feeling could be when you are in the midst of watching a band blaze its way to glory. You can almost freeze this moment in time in your memory.

Sheldon Blackman sang the vocals for the song at very short notice, with Andy doing most of the arranging and production. It was an interesting experience meeting Sheldon’s famous father, Ras Shorty I, who came to listen to the song at a home studio in Woodbrook operated by visually impaired, but gifted Jason Dasent. 

The following sites would show:

  • Andy Martin Sheafe arranging the song for Conventional Band Potential Symphony
        at the East Zone preliminaries on Jan 30, 1999 
        » Seetobago
  • Andy Martin Sheafe arranging for Super Sonics Single Pan Finals on Feb 12, 1999 
        » Seetobago
  • Sheldon Blackman performing in the Calypso for Pan competition semi-finals on
        January 24, 1999 in Skinner Park
        » Seetobago

    At this point, the music was not yet on the Grand Savannah stage, and I would have to wait a couple years. It was exhilerating to hear and perform the music on a conventional band and to perform in the finals at South Quay in Port of Spain with Super Sonics.

    The song would be later arranged by Edwin Pouchet for Silver Stars and scored by Kareem Brown for the Pan in Education CD.
    » Sanch Electronix Ltd.
    » eCaroh Caribbean Emporium
    Ah want to play, this vibe moving through meh body
    Ah have to say, this feeling eh easy
    So ah go try, to ease down and tell a story
    Ah eh go lie, is all about glory
    You see a spirit moving through the band, as de music play
    Up in the Nort Stand, they say:
    "Ya feel de rhythm on de ground
    Ya see, everybody getting down"

    Glory, magic on de stage... glory, panmen in a rage
    Glory, we all getting high... glory, it could make ya cry
    Jump with de band, ya just wanna, romp with de band
    Ya cyar help but, jump with de band
    Free up ya self... even if ya trying not to move ya self
    Dance to de beat, ya cyar help but, prance to de beat
    Ya feeling to, dance to de beat
    Ah cyar stop this... tapping to the rhythm with meh feet at all
    Jam like ya bad, this music will, send we mad
    Ah cyar help but, start to sing
    Ya know now dat... glory is a real contagious ting

    With confidence, combine talent and experience
    Well "Excellence", is a key ingredient
    The tenor side, dey playing with high pitched fever
    Put joke aside, dey better than ever
    Everybody drunk with melody, running through dey head
    Dis gyal turn around to me, and said:
    "Ah doh know wey dey come out from
    We dead, dey making waves all over town"


    Ah doh want to let it go, ah just got to let it flow
    Ah just keep on believing, dat dis glorious feeling
    In the Savannah, in de Panorama
    Is bigger than you or me, so forget all ya worries
    And let's freeze this moment in time... tonight

    Without a care, this feeling so satisfying
    The atmosphere, is electrifying
    They carry on, as if dey done win already
    The iron man, in his world of glory
    The judges like dey head up in the clouds, lost in harmony
    A man get up from de crowd, and bawl:
    "Dis is what we waiting for,
    O gawd, please doh stop, just ge we more"

    (Same except start with)
    Glory, this is what ah feeling... glory, it does ha me reeling
    Glory, hold ya head and bawl... glory, we eh care at all

    Repeat Chorus and Ad Lib with Bridge Music

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